How to Get a Remote Job in Web3 (Crypto)

Teams working on crypto/web 3 projects are by their very nature modern teams.

They’ve taken a bet on new technologies and are disrupting established industries. It’s riskier, with potentially higher rewards and it’s more fun. 

Most web3 teams are 100% remote and communicate via project management tools and discord servers. 

In 2021 I talked to many people about career bets for the next decade. I noticed a huge shift in thinking from smart people and their priorities. This shift of talent into crypto feels like the next wave. First we saw FAANG companies start taking all the talent from Wall St. Now the emerging Web3 teams are taking all the talent from FAANG. 

In Packy’s words, Web3 is a vortex of talent, money, culture and brainspace.

Reasons to join a Web3 team

It’s more fun 

Who doesn’t want to be part of the disruption of static industries? In the process building momentum with memes, gaming and learning/investing in long term bets everyday. It’s just way more fun than most jobs in Web2. 

More money 

Crypto returns over the last decade have blitzed everything in their path. Most teams pay competitive startup salaries but you also need to factor in the potential upside of being an early token holder in successful projects. This is perhaps the best generational wealth creation opportunity for employees we have ever seen. 

More Modern

It’s a brave new world in Web3. Work is done differently to the old 9-5 office routine:

  • PFPs replace Linkedin profiles
  • Discord servers replace offices 
  • Async communication replace meetings 
  • Tokens replace fiat currencies

If your career revolves around your Linkedin profile, or you need the traditional structure of a big corp to feel like you’re progressing, then you might not be cut out for Web3.

Job openings in Web3 teams 

All Web3 teams will need great people across both technical and non-technical disciplines to succeed. Whether you’re working on building smart contracts, the front-end/UI or creating momentum via community, there is a place for good knowledge workers. The roles I see the most demand for in 2022 are:

  • Developers 
  • Designers 
  • Marketers and Meme Makers 
  • Community Managers

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Where to find remote Web3 jobs

You can go the traditional route and sign up to alerts from any number of crypto-specific job boards: 

Or you can get involved via communities. 

Almost every Web3 project has a Discord you can join freely to learn and contribute. So whatever you’re interested in, jump in and start participating. Become an active member before you ask for anything in return.

If new to Web3 Shiny Object Social Club and Invisible College are great jumping off points.

Then you can branch into specific projects based on whatever you’re most into:

  • DeFi 
  • NFTs 
  • DAOs 
  • P2E

From there, start to look for advertised roles within the community or simply ask to do work in whatever your skill set is. 

This is the slower path to a remote crypto job but also the one with the highest chance of success.

Advice for my 25 year old self 

If I was finishing school or had a few years of experience to leverage, I’d take a big swing on a Web3 career. This is the next wave of the Internet. If it doesn;t work out, you can always go back to Web2. 

I’d get paid primarily in tokens if that was an option. I’d double down on the skills that are powering Web3 (e,g, Solidity, Figma, making memes). The opportunity over the next decade is huge and worth taking a bet on being an early contributor in Web3.