10 companies offering 4 day work weeks

The 4 day work week has been one of the biggest work trends of 2021. Forward-thinking companies are embracing it.

Why work 4 day weeks?

  • Improved employee wellbeing: It's no secret that we're overworked and addicted to our screens. Giving team members an extra day where they are able to completely disconnect can only be a good thing for mental (and physical) health.
  • Increased productivity: The cliche of work smarter, not harder applies here. Less time creates more focus and prioritization. It's not surprising to see anecdotes of greater productivity from 4 day work weeks.
  • Less overhead and costs: For those working in offices or co-working spaces, it's one less day's expenses per week. That saves 52 working days per year. This all adds up. Not to mention the environmental benefits of having less people commuting.
  • Access to more talent: Companies who offer 4 day work weeks will simply attract the best talent. Much like other modern benefits such as remote work, async communication and choosing your own hours, 4 day work weeks is a major perk for modern employees.

Who is offering 4 day work weeks?

Whilst it's nowhere near mainstream yet, there is a growing list of modern teams who have been brave enough to experiment with 4 day work weeks, including:

  • Buffer
  • Wildbit
  • Bit.io
  • Piktochart
  • Shape
  • Goosechase
  • Mon
  • Calibre
  • Scroll
  • Reward


Buffer is a best-in-class social media management platform to help you build your brand and connect with your customers.

Buffer started experimenting with a 4 day work week in 2020 to help manage the stress and changes to routine caused by the global pandemic. The results were positive and the team continues to takes Fridays off.

Other valuable benefits that Buffer offer include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Work from anywhere
  • Profit sharing
  • Generous family leave (3 months)
  • Twice a year company retreats

See current job openings here.


Wildbit is the team behind Postmark, Beanstalk, DMARC Digests, and People-First Jobs.

Wildbit first experimented with a 4 day work week in 2017. At the end of the experiment they felt more productive so they kept going with it.

Other valuable benefits that Wildbit offer include:

  • Remote first company
  • Profit sharing
  • 20 days off
  • Team retreats
  • Flexible hours

See current job openings here.


Bit.io is a drag and drop database that provides the fastest way to get your data into a zero-config online SQL database.

The Bit.io team works regular eight-hour days Monday through Thursday, and everyone has Friday through Sunday off. They decided to test out the 4 day work week after questioning the "way we've always dome things" and the myth that more hours worked led to greater productivity.

Other valuable benefits that Bit.io offer include:

  • Remote first
  • Generous parental leave
  • Unlimited time off
  • Outcome-orientated
  • Top-tier insurance

See current job openings here.


Piktochart is an easy-to-use design tool that helps you tell your story with the visual impact it deserves.

Picktochart decided to experiment with a 4 day work week in 2020. The reason for adapting to these new ways of working was their deep care for their people and a commitment to working smarter.

Other valuable benefits that Piktochart offer include:

  • Work from anywhere
  • 43 days per year paid time off
  • Remote work stipend
  • Wellbeing budget
  • Self-development budget

See current job openings here.


Shape is bringing their collective experience together to build the digital backbone of a construction organization.

Shape pride themselves on being a forward thinking company who puts life before work. A 4 day work week was a natural evolution. Shape gives their employees the freedom to pick which day they like to have off, most of their team though decides to be off Fridays.

Other valuable benefits that shape offer include:

  • Salary is based on capability, not years of experience
  • Distributed team
  • Health cover

See current job openings here.


GooseChase is the easiest way to organize and run a scavenger hunt.

In June-August 2021 GooseChase introduced Flock Fridays, their spin on the steadily growing 4 day week movement. GooseChase took this decision based on their belief productivity levels could be maintained while reducing their working hours. This turned out to be true.

Other valuable benefits that GooseChase offer include:

  • Fully remote  
  • Profit sharing
  • Personal & professional development funds
  • Competitive, regularly reviewed compensation
  • Co-working & desk setup funding

See current job openings here.

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Monograph is a simple back-office tool for architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and engineering firms.

Monograph has been practicing a 4 day work week since their founding. Their decision has been a positive one. They call it a “mid-weekend” - a much needed day off in the middle of the week to rest and recuperate.

Other valuable benefits that Monograph offer include:

  • 12 weeks paid leave so you can bond with your newest addition
  • Fully distributed
  • People first, curiosity, and empathy

See current job openings here.


Calibre is a small, bootstrapped team building tools to help customers ship better, faster websites and applications.

After several experiments, as of June 2021, Calibre was a 4 day work week company (every Monday off). The team decided they would not work longer days, still have no deadlines and make no change to salary or paid leave.

Other valuable benefits that Calibre offer include:

  • Remote friendly: Our team is spread across Australia
  • They don’t rush or set arbitrary deadlines
  • They ship when features feel and are right for our customers
  • They're here for the long-haul

See current job openings here.


Scroll is a digital marketing agency.

Scroll started implementing a 4 day work week (Fridays off) in 2021. Mental health and family benefits were their motivation. Scroll saw a positive impact on revenue as well as the environment - reducing office energy consumption by 20 %.

Other valuable benefits that calibre offer include:

  • Flexible work environment - home or office, you choose
  • Guilt-free, shame-free unlimited PTO
  • Full medical and dental

See current job openings here.


Bolt is the world's first checkout experience platform.

Bolt announced their 4 day work week in 2021. They’re turning Fridays into something more like Saturdays or Sundays — genuine time off, with no planned meetings or work. They plan to test their hypothesis and be transparent when reporting their results.

Other valuable benefits that Bolt offer include:

  • 100% paid coverage of medical, dental and vision insurance for employees
  • Learning & Development stipend to grow your skills
  • Flexible working hours & unlimited PTO time to promote a healthy work-life balance
  • 14 paid company holidays per year, plus 3 additional floating holidays
  • Work from home stipend to help you succeed in a remote environment

See current job openings here.

Final thought

The Covid pandemic was the catalyst for some crazy changes in the world. One of the positive ones we can be grateful for is 4 day work week taking off.

We are very much still in an experimental phase. Companies are testing out which days they take off. They are reporting on the impact to productivity, environment and salaries and there will be lots to learn from the early adopters.