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Our Story

Hello! We are Ida πŸ’ and πŸ™‹ Luke.

We created Modern Teams to help people like us discover dream jobs with forward-thinking teams that are all about time freedom. We're creating a community where the best teams in the world showcase their culture, benefits and jobs to smart and thoughtful people like you.

How it all started...

When we first started working remotely we felt like we had won the lottery. We were so wrong... 😧 Remote work has opened the door to working from home and even working from anywhere. However, the problem with many remote teams is their old office culture remains.

You might be able to work from home now, or even relocate to Hawaii πŸ„ but if your culture lacks trust, you're still attached to time constraints. Being limited to work by timezone. Being visibly online between 9-5. Being stuck in too many meetings. Being micro-managed.

We learned this the hard way. Finding a remote job wasn't the answer. What really made us happy was working on teams that value time freedom.

Eventually we found ourselves on remote teams that work asynchronously. Meaning everyone works when they want. Outcomes, rather than hours, are measured. We maintained flexible schedules. We barely had any meetings. We had trusting managers. We had a daily routine that was free of the usual work stress and instead allowed us to balance work with our health and families 🀩

We became so grateful for our situation and started to learn about more companies operating this way.

We created Modern Teams for all the people we heard from that wanted better jobs. Jobs that reduced stress. Allowed deep work. Living with more joy and purpose.
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You can read more about our criteria for a Modern Team in our Manifesto.
You can also read about the qualities of a modern employee to help land your next job.

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Real list of true remote-first companies.

Seriously guys, thanks for curating this real list of true remote-first companies!

β€” James

Look forward to your letters every week.

Thanks, I always look forward to your letters every week. Good stuff.

β€” Melanie

Incredible and really inspiring.

This gives me hope of one day trying to work at one of the featured companies. It’s uplifting. Please keep it up!

β€” Helena

Thank you for curating the list and database!

Appreciate this every week, thank you!

β€” Maurice