modern teams manifesto

What we believe are the characteristics of modern teams.

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere lets team members choose to work from any location or timezone in the world. Even if an office exists, the whole team communicates using the same remote tools.


Internet native, fully distributed organizations are what the web was designed for. They create greater control and rewards for all participants.

Async Communication

Asynchronous communication (async) happens ‘out of sync’ or not in real-time. With async employees have the flexibility of responding on their own schedule. Async provides a calmer work environment.

Trusting Managers

Bad managers are the biggest reason people quit their jobs. Good managers trust and support their team members in becoming their best selves.

Light Meetings

Too many meetings or Zoom calls leads to fatigue. Most meetings are time consuming, lack purpose and can be achieved more efficiently via written project tools.

Flexibile Schedule

Sometimes you need to go to the gym, get groceries or pick up the kids from school. Flexible schedules trust team members to get their work done when it suits them best. There is no 9-5.

4 Day Work Week

32 hour work weeks are becoming the new normal. Companies now understand that humans have limited mental energy. Rest is necessary for employees to do their best work.

Transparent Salaries

The location you live in should not determine your salary. Team members living in remote areas should not be penalized compared to those living in big cities. Modern teams pay based on role type and not on where you choose to live.

Generous Parent Leave

Parenting is really hard. Building a relationship with a newborn is a precious part of our lives.Giving people generous parent leave is table stakes.

Generous Vacation

2-3 weeks vacation is a thing of the past. High performing employees need time to unplug and recharge. Modern teams provide 5+ weeks of paid vacation and in some cases unlimited vacation.

Company Retreats

Company retreats provide the benefits of in-person collaboration on a periodic basis. Team bonds are strengthened, creativity is boosted and people have fun.

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Real list of true remote-first companies.

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Thanks, I always look forward to your letters every week. Good stuff.

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Incredible and really inspiring.

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