DAO Jobs Guide

What is a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a new way of organizing resources and working together. It’s essentially the web3 version of a company. The blockchain is the backbone of the DAO. The smart contract defines the rules, processes and roles of the group plus its treasury. Typically the DAO will have a native token that will reflect the perceived value of the brand. 

What jobs can I get at a DAO?

DAOs need similar skill sets to regular companies. Engineers to write contracts and applications. Designers to work on the front end and UX. Marketers to create memes and tell stories. Most DAOs will be looking for the same types of contributions you would find at web2 companies today.

How do I get paid at DAO?

You can be paid in fiat or crypto, depending on the DAO and it’s policies. The real upside of working for a DAO is in taking tokens for your contributions. NFA and all - but getting early tokens on the right project can create generational wealth in ways that have never been seen before. 

Hiring at DAOs

You won’t have as much need for your Linkedin profiles and CVs when getting hired at DAOs. Contributions and social proof take you a lot further. You might want to become visible and helpful in Discord servers and sign up for bounties. Your PFP and Twitter activity are a stronger signal than whatever university you went to. 

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What DAOs are hiring? 

We are still so early when it comes to DAOs. The following are some of the earliest adopters looking for talent like you: 


The Uniswap Protocol is the largest decentralized trading and automated market making protocol (often called a DEX, “Decentralized Exchange”) on Ethereum.

The Uniswap Labs team was a major contributor to the Uniswap Protocol and now focuses on building a suite of products to support the Uniswap ecosystem. Our team is one of the most impactful in crypto. We are based out of SoHo in New York City with the option to be partially or fully remote depending on the position.


The Aave Companies are focused on innovation in Web3 and have cultivated a thriving, collaborative culture.

Valuing expertise and dedication, the Aave fam is welcoming, passionate, and eager to build great products. We celebrate differences and seek to recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool...and we're hiring!


Join Tornado Cash team and contribute improving one of the most popular privacy tools on the Ethereum Network.

The protocol is currently hiring a Blockchain Engineer to help taking Tornado Cash to the next level.


Balancer Labs has helped to create Balancer Protocol, a core part of Blockchain's DeFi community. Balancer is an automated market maker, decentralized exchange, and liquidity pool protocol built on Ethereum that allows anyone to create or add liquidity to trading pools while earning customizable trading fees.

Aragon - Remote-only team of individuals who span a broad range of backgrounds, interests and geographies.

We believe in the power of decentralized governance solutions to create a more open and fair world.


Audius is an 18-person team of entrepreneurs, engineers, audiophiles, and blockchain experts. Our benefits include unlimited PTO, high quality paid medical insurance, FSA, 401k, yearly learning stipend, equipment stipend and a home office setup credit (whatever you need to be productive!). We also have a monthly stipend for music-related activities (concerts, lessons, etc.).

Our company is fully remote and our team is currently distributed across the United States.


Colony is a distributed team who occasionally (pandemics permitting ) convene somewhere in the world to work and hang out together.

The rest of the time, we communicate over Discord. It’s a dynamic environment that requires grit, flexibility, self-motivation, and a sense of emoji etiquette.

Deep Work

4-hour working days - Work from anywhere. 


DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact.

We strive to be community-owned, governed, and curated, ensuring we empower our creators, curators, collectors, and communities to tap into sustainable income streams, creatively engage with their patrons, and create lasting impact for the causes they care about.

FiatLux DAO

Foundation is where boundary-pushing curators, collectors, and creators of all kinds are converging to reimagine the possibilities of the internet.

We’re excited to work with people who are inspired, curious, and motivated to build the future with us.

Friends With Benefits

FWB is a group of cultural creators and maintainers using Web3 tools to build community and foster creative agency. The $FWB token allows us to collectively own and govern our community endeavors while sharing the value we create together.


Transitioning into a fully Teal Organization.

We are also standing up a special Workplace team (colloquially coined ‘PeepoOps’) whose sole mission it is to turn our DAO into the best place to work at in all of Web3.