Top qualities of the modern employee

The best employees of the next generation will look very different to previous generations.

We are entering a decade where change is constant. Blockchain technologies are gathering momentum. DAOs could represent the future of work.

Organizations are increasingly distributed. Hiring team members from all over the world is now common. Finding people that are a culture fit becomes more important.

In come cases team members may not see each other in person for years. A shared set of qualities help people understand each other.

Here's what we believe are the most important qualities of modern employees and why:


Showing consideration for the needs of other people.

Why: People who are thoughtful can be trusted to make good decisions for the good of the team and not just themselves. They tend to leave their ego at the door and are empathetic to the needs of others.


Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's importance.

Why: People who understand their limits and know what they don't know are able to learn and adapt continuously. Being open to feedback and responding with humility is critical in a fast-changing environment.

Great writers

Able to write succinctly and in a thoughtful manner.

Why: The majority of modern work is being moved to written over spoken. Tools like Notion, Almanac and Asana can power the communication of teams. People who write with brevity, omit unnecessary words and are thoughtful in their tone drive productivity and avoid disharmony.


A self-taught person.

Why: Technologies, skills and the ways we do business are evolving. Most higher education is outdated. People can now self educate on platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Modern companies need people who can stay relevant by teaching themselves new skills and technologies as well as teaching others.

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Having control or authority of or by oneself.

Why: Time is a precious resource. People who can collaborate when they need to but are capable of getting things done on their own make the best use of time. Understanding priorities and then executing a task by task basis without oversight is a valuable trait.


Able to be relied on as honest or truthful.

Why: Trust and transparency create a supportive atmosphere and allow teams to more easily identify and resolve issues together. When you can rely on the person next to you to match your commitment, it results in a higher level of performance for the team.


Doing what you say you will do.

Why: People that posses integrity are accountable for their actions. They are reliable. For a team to perform at a high level each member needs to follow through on their part. This increases the whole team's sense of fulfilment and trust in one another.

Final thought

We believe that the above traits will trump credentials for modern employees. Skills can be taught. Education can be bought. The age of credentials, where your degree or MBA secured you the job, is disappearing. In the new world of work, where we are remote-first and communicate async, you need to bring personality traits to become a values member of a modern team.