The best careers pages in 2021

It's 2021. We are in the middle of the great resignation. Yet there are  so many companies who don't give their careers page the love it deserves.

The careers page is often the first impression you make on potential new hires. It's the best opportunity you have to promote your team. Don't waste it.

Good things to put on your careers page:

  • Modern benefits: work from anywhere, flexible schedule, light meetings ✅
  • Authentic values: the beliefs you live by day in, day out ✅
  • Describe your why: a clear and compelling mission ✅
  • Show your people: real humans and how they feel ✅
  • Transparent application process: define the steps from application to hire ✅

Bad things to put on your careers pages:

  • A list of current job openings and nothing about your values and benefits ❌
  • Vague description of  benefits: "We're remote friendly". Ok, what does that mean? ❌
  • Using stock photos instead of real images of your team ❌
  • Inauthentic buzzwords or phrases: "We're a family" - no you're not, you're a team ❌
  • No mention of your company's vision or mission ❌

Forward-thinking companies understand a well written careers page is a huge recruitment asset. Some of our favourites in 2021 include:


Zapier ticks every box. A clear mission. A "how we work" section. Transparency in describing benefits, perks, a the hiring process. Pictures of real team members. Bonus points for creating extra content via their remote work guides.


GitLab's page takes one theme at a time and elaborates on it. "Do your best work from anywhere" is a huge benefit. They describe what this means with three bullet points that all link to further reading.


We love the transparency on the hiring process from HelpScout. They show a clear six step process. Your expectations are clear on what kind of investment will be required to land a role there.


Buffer are a great example of spelling out what remote work looks like. "15 countries and 11 timezones" lets you know everyone is welcome at Buffer.  "Work wherever you are happiest and most productive" is powerful language that promotes their commitment to freedom and flexibility.

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Wildbit are huge advocates for building people first companies. We love their bold design on their careers page to illustrate team size, timezone, number of parents and how long they've been in business. It's clear they are in it for the long haul and that they support their people.


Calibre does a great job with describing their four key benefits. It's written in a human tone. No buzzwords. We love this "work four days a weeks, eight hours a day tops" & this "as long as you deliver and have a few hours overlap with us". It's rare to find this kind of commitment to working smarter, not harder.


Expensify use their careers page to spell out what freedom and flexibility means for their employees. You get to choose whether to work from one of their office locations or to be completely free. They also make it clear that salaries are are the same, irrespective of your location.


Discourse also make it really clear what remote work looks like: "Work anywhere you have a computer and internet access", "No set hours". There is no uncertainty around where you can live. No hidden timezone requirements. Everyone is welcome to apply.


Hubstaff use emotive language and imagery on a section of their careers page: "Ditch the office". This is how to advertise your culture. Showing what "fully remote" means with clarity: "no cubicles", "no geographic limit".


SafetyWing have a HQ in SanFrancisco but are also allow working from anywhere. They are transparent about Asia time zones being difficult to accommodate. This manages expectations for everyone who applies. They also describe the exact type of personality traits that they prioritize.

Final Thought

It's not enough to just throw together a list of current job openings on your careers page. Taking the time to position your mission, benefits, values and team is one of the best ways to attract the right people to your company.