Stripe Remote Jobs Guide

Does Stripe offer remote jobs? 

Yes, Stripe offers hundreds of remote roles across all business units.

Does Stripe let you work from anywhere? 

Not quite. While Stripe will let you work remotely for many open roles, you won’t have the flexibility to live anywhere on Earth. Most roles are tethered to the place you are hired in. For example, if you are hired for a remote role in Marketing in the US, it is expected you will reside somewhere in the US. 

Does Stripe work asynchronously?

Stripe don’t talk about async communication publicly but they do refer to intentional communication. There is an emphasis on transparency and documentation. It could be assumed a reasonable amount of async communication is taking place at Stripe. 

We have always been deliberate about how we share. Our communication norms in places like our company all-hands, Q&As, wikis, emails, and internal messaging are unique in their aim to democratize access to information and avoid siloed thinking. Stripes are even encouraged to “lurk” into coworkers’ projects to learn about what is happening and provide relevant feedback. We over-index on transparency because we believe access to information is imperative to creating the very best work, and we have a lot to learn from one another.

What is Stripe’s culture like?

Stripe has published a very honest guide to their culture. They have posed a series of questions to help you assess whether Stripes culture would be a good fit for you. Here are some examples:

  • Do you want to work hard at a place that could never be described as a cushy job?
  • Stripe deals with high variance situations on a day-to-day basis but are thoughtful and measured in response. Is that what you’re looking for?
  • Do you care a lot about having kind, warm, supportive colleagues?

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Where do Stripe have offices? 

Stripe has offices in London, Paris, Melbourne, Singapore, Mexico City,  San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin, Dubli and Tokyo.

Does Stripe pay well? 

Yes - Stripe pay extremely well. You can read more via Comparably.

Does Stripe have an inclusive workplace culture?

Yes, Stripe is committed to an inclusive and diverse workforce. 

What is Stripe’s Mission? 

Stripe's purpose is to increase the GDP of the Internet.

How big is the Stripe team?

Stripe has over 4.000 employees spread across it’s offices and remote hub.