ConvertKit: The Dream Job Factory

Modern Teams Dream Job Memo: A 67 person, fully remote team that is bootstrapped and doing $29 million in annual revenue.

If I was on the hunt for a dream job I would take a serious look at ConvertKit.

Founder, Nathan Barry, shared a tweet last month that grabbed my attention.

A fully remote team of 67 people doing $29 million in (bootstrapped) revenue 😲

I've known about ConvertKit for years. My first  contact was as a customer of their email platform. After that I started noticing their name pop up consistently  in remote work conversations.

Nathan's thread uncovered a lot of information about their culture that you might not find on their Careers page. He elaborates on some of the unique ways they are operating and it's quite impressive.

Let's dive in to why I'd recommending working at ConvertKit.

  1. Mission and vision driven

What makes a dream job? Good colleagues for sure. Freedom and flexibility to be able to balance work with the rest of your life. That's a big one too. A sense of purpose though is huge. Joining a team that is about something. Not all company's can do that. There's a lot of bullshit jobs out there. So when I read ConvertKit's mission I immediately feel the pull to a big vision:

ConvertKit is on a mission to help creators earn $1B using our SaaS email marketing platform. We are 100% independent, 100% remote and are growing rapidly.

You're also doing something off the default path, most companies want to get as big as possible:

100% remote with the smallest possible team – Why do it the easy way when you can do it the ConvertKit way? We believe a small team gives us the opportunity to focus on what matters most, including pushing our team to do the best work of their lives, staying profitable to be able to reinvest in our product and customers, and giving back to the communities where we live, work and play.

And knowing they aim to be around for a long time:

100% independent – We won’t sell, raise funding, or give up control. The creators we serve are our investors.

A team

You want to join great people.

many of us are creators ourselves running various side projects in our spare time.

Bootstrapped = longevity

Jumping around from company to company has been common. The job for life idea lost its appeal. Sometimes a change is great but theres also something. valuable about finding a team where you're actually happy and you don't feel the need to continually test the market. Being bootstrapped means ConvertKit control their destiny.  

Bootstrapped, profitable, and growing quickly. We're #23 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

Work from anywhere

We all want more freedom.  To ditch the commute. More time with family. maybe move to a remote area with more land. ConvertKit gives you the choice.  

The team behind ConvertKit are spread around the globe, working remote from over 20 different cities.

Async communication

What's the next frontier after remote work? Async work. We have learned that it's possible to work from anywhere. Now we have to learn that it's possible to work form anytime.  This creates a whole new level of calm and optimising schedules.

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No meeting days

Who wants more meetings? This is a great concept, knowing when you have time set for deep work.


Put all this together and you have a company that is creating dream jobs.

As the world continues to change, companies like ConvertKit will change with it, and cater to the benefits that matter most to modern employees.

The next dream teams of the future won't look like the tech startups portrayed in Silicon Valley offices, with ping pong tables and beer fridges. It will be fully remote, global, async-first and constantly evolving. It will look a lot like ConvertKit.

See ConvertKit's current openings here.