Braintrust Careers - Freelance Jobs Built On Crypto

What is Braintrust? 

Braintrust is kinda like a job marketplace built on the blockchain. In other words, it's a decentralized Web3 talent network that connects skilled, vetted knowledge workers with the world’s leading companies.

Perfect for technical freelancers like designers, developers and marketers to find jobs and cut out middlemen. The upside is getting paid more and more information becomes transparently documented via the blockchain. 

What is Braintrust’s mission? 

To build the world’s most impactful talent network — one that is user-owned, aligns incentives, and redistributes value to Talent and Organizations.

What’s Braintrust got to do with crypto? 

Braintrust is built on Ethereum. Everything revolves around the BTRST token. Earn tokens by:

Inviting other freelancers to the network Inviting employers to hire talent on the network, Completing peer-to-peer vetting, Additional token rewards will be added over time. 

There’s a whitepaper to read and a Discord to join if you want to dive down the rabbit hole.

How does Braintrust make money? 

The hiring company (client) pays Braintrust, and Braintrust pays talent. A 10% fee is paid by the client to Braintrust with each invoice.

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Can you invest in Braintrust? 

Yes, it’s as easy as using your Coinbase account

How do I find work with Braintrust?

It’s simple - sign up by creating a profile, with all your relevant skills and experience. Then get approved. Start browsing job opportunities and apply to whatever you like the look of. 

Why use Braintrust for freelance work?

It’s perfectly suited for modern work. Work on projects of your choosing remotely, from anywhere. You’re going to get paid better as middlemen are cut out. It’s transparent and you also have an ownership stake. By picking up tokens you can control how the network grows and gets managed. 

Is Braintrust a good company to work for?

Hard to say, still very early days. There’s not a lot yet published about their culture, values or benefits. You can check out their current openings here.