Melissa Ng

Founder of Bravely

The Interview

  • Tell us about what you do and where your team is located.
    Bravely is the smartest way to learn more about yourself and your mental health - from guidebooks filled to the brim with knowledge, to daily life trackers, you'll be equipped with the skills to turn realisations into remedies, for a happier and healthier mental health.We're a fully remote team, spread out across Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, the U.K., and the USA.
  • What's a modern benefit you offer your team that isn't mainstream yet?
    No questions asked, unlimited, mental health days. Aside from being a mental health company, it just makes sense. If someone is struggling with their mental health, it seems entirely unreasonable to demand productivity from them.
  • Tell us about your approach to meetings vs async communication?
    When we created our systems and workflows, our principle rule was to have a single source of truth for things. No work should ever only sit in someone's head, completely inaccessible if they weren't online. Once we had that, choosing to have a meeting or work async became purely a matter of choice. Our general rule is calls for high-fidelity, high-discussion type work (brainstorming, workshops), and async is for everything else.
  • What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration?
    Hands down, Miro. If I can be a little bit cheeky, I'd like to also nominate Notion.
  • Can you give us one prediction for the future of work?
    As leaders and workers start to demand remote work as the norm, people will start living where they want more and more. This means outside of crowded expensive cities, outside of their home countries. I think that if we manage to solve for the loneliness that remote work can sometimes bring, we'll have a much happier, healthier workforce -- and better mental health for the world!

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