Joel Friedlaender

Founder of Clinko

The Interview

  • Tell us about what you do and where your team is located.
    We build software for healthcare businesses. Our team is completely remote, around the world. We just hire the best people we can find, wherever they are. We have people in Australia, US, Canada, UK, Scotland, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
  • What's a modern benefit you offer your team that isn't mainstream yet?
    We work 30 hour weeks, unlimited annual leave, completely flexible work hours, no hierarchy or managers.
  • Tell us about your approach to meetings vs async communication?
    We never have scheduled meetings. Almost all our collaboration happens asynchronously. Occasionally we'll have ad-hoc video calls when it makes sense to do so.
  • What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration?
  • Can you give us one prediction for the future of work?
    The work done will matter more than the time it took to do it.

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