Hana Mohan

Founder/CEO, MagicBell

The Interview

• Tell us a little bit about your company and mission.

MagicBell is a notification inbox for apps to help end-users achieve their goals faster. Our mission is to redefine how notifications are perceived by the world, by creating a cross-channel, actionable experience for users.

• Where is your team located? Are you all remote or do you maintain an office?

We're a completely remote team stretching from Bolivia to Poland.

• What is your approach to async communication vs. synchronous meetings?

In MagicBell, everyone can pick up the hours they want to work, but usually, we make sure there is a 3 - 4 hour overlap (10am - 1pm EST) with others in the team, especially the people you work closely with. As with many other things, each team member uses their best judgment to pick a schedule that works for them. If plans change and somebody can't make it to work - just informing the team on Slack is sufficient to avoid others being blocked by you.

• Do you maintain set working hours or do you let employees manage their own schedules?

We cherish flexibility and with the team allocated around the world, the idea of a "working schedule" changes drastically. Everyone is expected to invest anywhere between 40h to 45h of work per week, but it largely depends on the person's scope, speed, and overall efficiency. Deliverables and achieving goals in alignment with the team matter the most. 

• What are the top two perks you offer your team?

  1. Unlimited Annual Leave At MagicBell, we believe everyone deserves a great holiday and a hiatus... We work very hard to drive our company forward in an ever-growing world of technology, so please take your holidays! We'll accommodate as much as possible but will ensure that no team has too many people away at the same time. Make sure you spread your time off so you stay fresh. We care about the well-being of our employees and trust you to manage your time wisely.
  2. Inclusive Family Leave Policy Healthier lives and happier homes - this is what we're standing for. Our enhanced family leave policy that will ensure equal support provided globally to couples and single people irrespectively of their gender and the decision to have a child in a natural way or adopt. We also offer leaves for gender transition - our CEO is transgender herself.

• What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration?

I’ve recently started enjoying Miro for brainstorming with the team. It works very well on the iPad too.

Can you share one prediction for the future of work?

In the future, work will default to asynchronous, and will be done across a variety of platforms (phone, desktop web, and Slack). We’ll see new primitives for building seamless experiences. Hopefully MagicBell will play a big role in it :)

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