Ariel Camus

Founder & CEO, Microverse

The Interview

• Tell us a little bit about your company and mission.

Microverse is a school that helps students from all around the world become software engineers and and connect with life-changing remote and international jobs. We are the only school in the world to do this at no upfront cost using an Income Share Agreement worldwide.

• Where is your team located? Are you all remote or do you maintain an office?

We are all remote. We're currently a team of 60 with team members in 20 countries and 6 continents.

• What is your approach to async communication vs. synchronous meetings?

We have two core working hours Mon-Fri (8am to 10am PT) to facilitate synchronous meetings, but we have a strong and intentional async working culture: we document obsessively, we always default to async first, using all types of async communication (e.g. Loom for high-bandwidth async comm), and we never use synchronous time for reporting. When we do meetings, we either do it for a social purpose, or we have a structured agenda with allocated times for each topic and every links to documentation and async conversations.

• Do you maintain set working hours or do you let employees manage their own schedules?

Except for those two daily core working hours, team members manage their own schedule in any way that suits them.

• What are the top two perks you offer your team?

  1. Our mission: the opportunity to change the lives of millions of people and their families all around the world.
  2. Global company retreats (every 9-12 months) and team off-sites (twice a year)

• What's your favourite tool for remote collaboration?

Twist for asynchronous communication based on structured and properly title threads.

Loom for high-bandwidth async communication.

Can you share one prediction for the future of work?

It will help unleash the full human potential and solve humanity's biggest challenges by allowing people from all parts of world join the global economy.

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